Triad’s On Premise Support

ServiceNow On Premise users lack documentation and many of the key data center services provided to ServiceNow’s hosted customers. The result is reliance on costly, skilled Linux, database, and ServiceNow administrative resources. Routing tasks performed by ServiceNow in their hosted environment, such as archiving data, cloning systems, and performance monitoring, must be done by the customer and are complex and many times ignored, which introduce risk.  

To solve this problem, Triad has developed a set of support services and automation utilities to reduce the effort, cost and risk for On Premise customers managing and maintaining their ServiceNow deployment. Triad has over nine years of experience with large enterprise ServiceNow On Premise customers. Our experience and expertise, combined with the deployment of several services and utilities for On premise customers, dramatically reduce your OEM costs and reduce your risks in system or data loss.  

Triad’s On Premise Utilities are designed specifically for the On Premise customer to automate many of the services provided by ServiceNow in hosted data centers:

Triad’s On Premise Support Services are designed specifically for the On Premise customer and include on-site and phone support:

  • Initial sizing and installation of your ServiceNow On Premise instances
  • Migration to self-hosted cloud environments such as AWS
  • Instance management including application and hosted incidents
  • Monitoring of instances with custom developed probes and sensors

For more information, please contact Kristin Rydland at 240-863-4731 or onprem@triadtechpartners.com