To learn more about Phase 5 Group’s capabilities or inquire about a personal demo, please email sales@triadtechpartners.com.

P5G” understands that business complexity is a productivity killer for government agencies. Their singular focus is to transform and simplify the way customers manage and improve their business. Phase 5 Group’s solutions allow clients to eliminate non-value work, increase visibility into business performance, and improve accountability for business improvement.

The EON solution from Phase 5 Group provides government customers the ability to:

  • Understand the risk profile for strategies and projects
  • See the extent to which standard business processes have been successfully implemented
  • Track value capture from improvement projects
  • Receive a consolidated view of the status of committed improvement action items
  • View the scorecard at any level in the organization

Triad Technology Partners is an authorized reseller of Phase 5 Group’s products. The EON solution from P5G is available on Triad’s GSA Schedule GS-35F-0298W: Pricing, Terms & Conditions.

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