Triad delivers a full range of services that drive operational excellence, and maximize returns from technology investments.

Triad’s On Premise Support Services

Triad’s On Premise Support Services are designed specifically for the On Premise customer and include on-site and phone support. These services include: initial sizing and installation of your ServiceNow On Premise instances, migration to self-hosted cloud environments such as AWS, instance management including application and hosted incidents, and monitoring of instances with custom developed probes and sensors.

Enterprise License Management

Software vendors have many different approaches to software entitlement.  Most users can benefit from working with a partner that understands the various options and pricing metrics.  Keeping abreast of trends and constant vendor changes is a task not easily accomplished. Triad Technology Partners has extensive experience in software license management.  We have assisted end user customers and procurement professionals in developing and executing software lifecycle strategies which lead to efficient deployment and cost effectiveness.  An in-depth understanding of acquisition methods, utility billing, the effects of cloud deployments on software licensing, on premise SaaS environments, and various approaches to ELA awards, allows Triad to be a true acquisition partner for the software manufacturer, the end user, and procurement departments.

IT Service Management

At Triad, we are in lock step with the industry’s leading IT service management platform offerings and capabilities. We also understand the importance of aligning your business needs with technology to create efficiency and consistency throughout the lifecycle of your services delivery. Our ITSM consultants are among the most experienced and well qualified to lead process-oriented discussions and implement requirements.

Asset Management

Triad has a team of skilled asset management consultants with years of experience implementing IBM Maximo and other CMMS systems. Our talented senior consulting team has successfully implemented enterprise asset management systems in both the public and private sector, across multiple industries. Every member has a minimum of 10-15 years in the industry. This depth of industry knowledge coupled with our relationships with key support resources, is a great benefit to our customers.

Integration Specialists

At Triad we understand the complex heterogeneous environments of our customers, and as such have an in-house Integration team of specialists to aid the implementations or upgrades of systems within the IT enterprise. Our Integration Specialists have the expertise to facilitate clear communications between software, applications and hardware within a variety of networks.

Project Management

Triad’s PMP-certified project management team couples PMI best practices with extensive expertise in federal and commercial IT project management. No matter the duration or scope, our team is dedicated to driving projects to completion to ensure successful end results for our customer’s end user communities and operational excellence.