For a demo to learn more about MapAnything’s capabilities, contact Kristin Rydland at (240) 863-4731 or Kristin.Rydland@triadtechpartners.com.


Gain Visibility.  Manage Demand.  Align Resources. 

MapAnything is the only solution for ServiceNow users that provides critical location- based intelligence through a real-time, interactive map to create actionable data.
MapAnything enables ServiceNow users to visualize security and IT incidents, customer service cases, and field service work orders alongside assets, employees, users, facilities, inventory, and other organizational data.  Efficiently assign work orders and close more incidents faster through a map-based view of your organization.  Quickly recognize trends in IT Services, Operations, Security, and Customer and Field Service to proactively mitigate any negative disruptions.  

Incident Management

  • Get a real-time map of disruptions to quickly identify trends
  • View incidents on a map to quickly assign and minimize disruption
  • Prioritize incidents by agreed service level targets
  • Minimize lost revenue due to long-term disruptions

Asset Management

  • Locate assets and manage inventory from an interactive map
  • View operational status and easily update details
  • Plan upgrades or maintenance activity by location
  • Quickly assign or reassign hardware, software, and infrastructure assets

Change Management

  • Reduce costs with a map view of ongoing and upcoming changes
  • Detect change collisions to estimate risk and negative impact
  • Streamline CAB approval processes by visualizing change risks and approvals
  • Enable map-based change and release management


  • Visualize threats and security incidents in real-time
  • Improve accountability to tracking SLAs on the map
  • Streamline security response with map-based workflows

Customer & Field Service

  • Map cases by field service team member real-time location
  • Leverage routes to streamline service operations
  • Proactively reduce case volumes and costs by detecting trends
  • Provide customers with an ETA based on service rep location

Project Management

  • View projects by location and status to better align resources
  • Improve decision-making with geo-location context for projects and resources
  • Assign nearby team members from an interactive map
  • Track projects from ideation to project execution with full visibility

Performance Analytics

  • Report on data from multiple tables on a single, interactive map
  • Visualize KPIs to understand performance by team, facility, or location
  • Quickly assess daily operations to identify areas of improvement
  • Detect trends for potential automation or training to improve business services