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The Vormetric Data Security Platform efficiently manages data-at-rest security across your entire organization. Built on an extensible infrastructure, the Vormetric Data Security Platform is composed of several products that can be deployed individually, while offering efficient, centralized key management. As a result, your security teams can broaden and strengthen their coverage while streamlining their efforts.

The Vormetric Data Security Platform delivers:

  • Capabilities for transparent file-level encryption
  • Application-layer encryption
  • Tokenization
  • Dynamic data masking
  • Cloud encryption gateway
  • Integrated key management
  • Privileged user access control
  • Security intelligence

Through the platform’s centralized key management and flexible implementation, you can address security policies and compliance mandates across databases, files, and big data nodes—whether assets are located in the cloud, virtualized environments, or traditional infrastructures. With this platform’s comprehensive, unified capabilities, you can efficiently scale to address your expanding security and compliance requirements, while significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Learn more.

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