To learn more and receive a demo about all of BlueLine Grid’s capabilities, please email sales@triadtechpartners.com.

BlueLine Grid operates the nation’s premier, trusted collaboration network for law enforcement, first responders, and security teams. BlueLine Grid provides an encrypted suite of messaging, location, conferencing, virtual command, and file-sharing tools dedicated to the needs of public and private security officials, connecting teams internally and with each other on any device.

The GridTeam solution provides the Government:

  • A secure collaboration platform
  • Adaptable compliance policies of each client organization
  • Team messaging and file sharing as well as one-click conference call capabilities
  • Ability to manage teams within an organization or as a community, across jurisdictions

The GridCommand solution provides the Government:

  • Ability to mass alert messages to teams, task forces and communities, and review responses
  • Organizational member tracking by location for more targeted alerts
  • One-click conference calls with hundreds of participants